Wills are important documents that are chock-full of information for how to proceed after a loved one has passed. Unfortunately, you may read one you’re a part of and disagree with the contents or feel you’ve been wronged in some way.

In this case, you have every right to challenge the will and try to make the situation right again. However, keep in mind it could be a long and expensive process before you make any progress. This guide will walk you through the steps you need to take so you can hopefully come out on top and skillfully work your way through these complicated circumstances.

Allow Your Emotions to Subside

What you don’t want to do is get emotionally charged up and then try to take action and challenge a will. Work through your feelings and allow your emotions to subside before you attempt to untangle the mess you’re going through. You need to have facts and reasons why you’re contesting a will and a clear head so that people take you seriously and will listen to your claims. Talk to a professional therapist or open up to a friend to help you better manage your emotions.


Talk to an Expert

The reality is you likely don’t have the legal background or knowledge for how to properly proceed in this case. What you can do is contact a firm such as The Inheritance Experts who are knowledgeable and well-equipped to assist you in sorting through your situation. They have the expertise to work with will disputes and will be able to offer up sound advice, so you feel confident with your decisions going forward.

Know Your Rights

It’s best to educate yourself in this scenario and figure out what grounds you have for challenging a will. It’s not enough to say you feel strongly about a certain aspect of the will without having any facts to back up your grievances. Understand the various grounds for why you’re able to challenge a will to give yourself a better chance of winning your case in court. Do your homework so that you’re well aware of what is and isn’t appropriate to contest.

Be Mentally & Financially Prepared

Challenging a will isn’t an easy task and will likely take a toll on you mentally and financially. It can be an emotional and drawn out process that will require you to fight hard and invest some extra funds so that you can achieve your goals. Prepare yourself for all the ups and downs that are probable to occur throughout your journey of contesting a will. It’s a wise idea to have people around you that you can turn to for support throughout the process.


Use this guide to help you properly challenge a will you feel has major issues. Make the decision to contest it and then be ready to give it your all and not let up. Remain hopeful that your efforts will pay off and that justice will be served.

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