Single parents and single dads are not a rare occurrence anymore. With divorce ratings soaring, many parents are going to find themselves dealing with the issues of parenthood alone. However, being a single dad doesn’t mean that you can’t still be there for your kids. You can; you’re just going to face a few challenges along the way.

Feeling Left Out

If you did not get sole custody of the children during the divorce, your ex-partner might establish a new family. They may have a relationship with another or even get remarried. When this happens, it’s easy to feel pushed out of the family and detached from your kids. But you must remember that you are still a part of their life. A new relationship will never change that.

Keeping Your Children Happy

A divorce or custody battle can often be a stressful experience for a child. You need to do everything you can to make it easier for them. You must avoid playing them against your partner, and this will only cause them more suffering.

Paying Support

If you’re a single parent, you may be expected to pay child support. Typically this will depend on your financial position and where you live. Paying enough child support for your family can be an issue, and it will take quite a large chunk out of your income. But, it is your responsibility to ensure your children get as much as you can reasonably provide. The infographic below highlights many of the issues involved in child support.


Infographic Produced By Matthew Kaplan


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