As you know, I am a lover of technology. I use it in my life a lot, and I like to talk about it. And the other day I was thinking about membrane keypads (we’ve all done it). These have been around for years, but they’re rarely used anymore. Or so I thought. When I actually considered it I realised how influential these have been and how awesome it is that they’re still around today. Check out this list I compiled of situations in my life when I’ve used membrane keypads and switches.


Watching TV

One of the most common instances where we might find a membrane switch is when watching TV. Television remotes almost always utilise a membrane switch and keypad. They are comfortable, and easy to use. The manufacturing costs are low, and they are very versatile. And that’s likely why we find them so much in TV remotes. It probably never occurred to you that membrane technology could be found in your home every day. I certainly never thought much of it until recently.


Doing the Taxes

I know what you’re thinking, how are taxes relevant? Well, when we do taxes we use calculators. And these always have membrane switches and keypads. It’s amazing how much of an influence the membrane technology can play in our lives. I have used my calculator for years, and it never really struck me that it used membrane keypads. There are also those portable banking systems that many of us use, and they contain membrane keyboards as well. It makes me think about the other areas in my life in which I use them but may not have realised it.



It occurred to me the other day that the word of gaming has changed a lot. Way back when, I has a ZX Spectrum, and that had a membrane keyboard. But then we had consoles that brought in controllers and all that changed. But I’ve noticed now that a lot of consoles now also have remotes along with them. The Xbox One being a good example of this. And many of these remotes almost always have membrane keypads. So we have come full circle!


In the Kitchen

Now, the kitchen isn’t the place you might immediately expect to find a membrane keypad. But, I’m willing to bet you that almost every kitchen has one. Even yours. And I bet you use it almost every day. I am, of course, referring to the microwave control panels. These are essential in helping us to programme and heat food up. And they play a big role in the process of feeding us. Without membrane keypads, we wouldn’t have the sort of microwaves we do now, and they wouldn’t be so easy to use. So we need to make sure we take care of them and repair them when needed.

Believe it or not, membrane keypads play a much bigger role in life than you might think. Of course, it’s often with stuff that we just take for granted. But, it occurred to me the other day just how prevalent they are in my life. So I decided to do this list of just some of the instances when I would use them.


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