When you have a family, you have to quickly learn to swim or sink, especially when you make the brave move to start a business. Many days, you may feel divided as you’re probably torn between helping kids with homework or long hours at the office. However, there are parents all over the world with kids and businesses that are making things happen, so know that you can too. For those trying to figure out how to balance a growing business and family, continue reading as you’ll find a number of tips that could help you along your journey.

Schedule in Family Time

One of the biggest challenges you face doubling as an entrepreneur and parent is finding time for family. This can be extremely tough, but it’s necessary for the sake of balance. To make sure you spend time with your loved ones often, schedule in family time ahead of time. The good things is that family time can be defined in many ways and you can do anything as long as you’re engaging with one another. See a few ways that you can get quality time in.

  • Eat Together: At times, it’s difficult for families to eat together, especially when everyone has hectic schedules. Dedicate at least one meal to your family whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner as this is a way to catch up, even if only for an hour.
  • Games Night: You won’t always have the time to engage in outdoor activities, so make the most of activities you can do indoors, such as a games’ night. Ideas of games you can play are chess, card games, or charades.
  • School Run: Another clever way to schedule in family time is by making the most of the school run. Instead of driving, consider walking or taking public transport, so you have time to talk and laugh.
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Empower Employees

Following on from the point about efficiency, if you empower employees, you will be more confident to delegate tasks. The more trustworthy and reliable employees you build, the more you can relax and spend time with your family. Consider training in Six Sigma San Diego as a way of empowering them and giving them an added certification that will boost their business knowledge. By giving them more responsibility and showing them that you trust them, you’ll be able to give yourself more freedom.

Improve Efficiency

If you’re able to improve the efficiency of your business, you may find that you are less stressed and have more spare time. Although there are numerous ways to improve the efficiency of your business, here are a few specifics.

  • Training: In order for your employees to be more efficient and perform better, training is one of many practical solutions. Enrol those at managerial levels in Lean Six Sigma San Diego Training so that they can learn about how to improve business processes which will save you time and money.
  • Streamlining: To improve efficiency in this day and age, streamlining is necessary. To streamline your business processes, simplify knowledge and tasks for teams and appoint process champions to help guide change.
  • Automating: Automation is a must in this digital era, so use technology to help in this respect. There are software and tools out there that can save your employees from investing time in tasks that don’t require much effort.

Be Organised

Being organised can go a long way in helping you balance family life and growing your business simultaneously. Create a weekly schedule and minimise time-wasting which could lead to not being able to stick to your family commitments. Also, know when to stop and take a break remembering that it’s okay to press pause.

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