No matter whether or not you have a job that you absolutely enjoy, or one which you only entertain because it pays the bills, everyone is affected by some sort of stress at work. When work stress gets too much, it can end up causing repercussions in other areas of your life, such as within the home. Your home should be your sanctuary, the place where you go to get away from everything else and just spend time with your children and family members. Therefore, it is important to find ways to avoid bringing work stresses into the home environment, both for your own sanity and for the happiness of your family.

Leave the office at the office

People often say that you should leave your stress at the front door. The only problem with that is, your stress is still kept a little too close to home. Instead, try to remember that all of your work related problems should stay within the four walls of the office, and as soon as you step outside that front door, they should no longer be carried on you. This includes everything from your negative thoughts, to actual physical reminders of work. For example, try not to bring any documents from work to complete at home, as this will only further feed your stress.

Try some positive visualisation

While sitting down cross-legged on a yoga mat might not be your thing, that doesn’t stop you from doing a little bit of positive visualisation when you need a calm mind. Find some time to yourself where you can just take a deep breath, close your eyes and store away all of the negative thoughts from work which have been haunting you all day.


Get advice and support

If there is something which you are really struggling with at work, then the more you bottle it up, the more stress you are going to feel in every aspect of your daily life. Talk to your partner about what is going on when you are away from the kids, as they might be able to offer a solution, or just lend a listening ear so you don’t feel so alone. If there is something more serious going on at work, such as misconduct, or if you are facing the possibility of redundancy, then make sure you talk to professionals who can appropriately advise you, such as employment solicitors.

Appreciate the good things

So work might not be going your way right now, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other things in your life which you can look forward to and enjoy. While on your commute home from work, think of all the good things which you have going for you. Instead of worrying about work at home, instead enjoy just being with your family and spending time with your kids, because those are the people who you work hard for in the first place. Try and find a healthy balance between focusing on work and doing things which you enjoy.

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